Baked cheesy breakfast
(carrot and eggs)

Baked cheesy breakfast (carrot and eggs) meatless

Baked cheesy breakfast
(carrot and eggs)

Learn how to make baked egg toasts with mozzarella cheese.

Cheesy Egg Toast Perfect For Breakfast.

With a spoon, press down on the center of the bread to form a pocket.

Ingredients of Baked cheesy breakfast
(carrot and eggs)

  1. Prepare 1 cup of grated carrot optional.
  2. Prepare 4 of small eggs.
  3. Prepare 2 tbsp of coriander leaf or any optional.
  4. It’s 2 tbsp of dried cranberry.
  5. It’s 6 tsp of bolognese sauce.
  6. Prepare 1 dash of pepper and salt.
  7. You need 8 of small slice of lg olive oil classic loaf or any bread.
  8. It’s 4 slice of mix of cheeder and gouda cheese or mozzarella cheese.
  9. It’s of garnish.
  10. Prepare 2 tbsp of butter.
  11. It’s 1 tsp of fine chili powder.

Baked cheesy breakfast
(carrot and eggs)
meatless step by step

  1. Spicy butter.

  2. Melt butter in pan then add fine chili powder and mix well then off heat.

  3. Bake it.

  4. Layer thinly slice bread on baking pan top with grated carrot and eggs.

  5. Add cheese and coriander leaf top seasoning then add bolognese sauce and dried cranberry.

  6. Bake for 10 minute till cheese melted and egg white turn white but yolk still runny (optional longer if prefer eggs fully set).

  7. Serve baked cheesy breakfast (carrot and eggs)with spicy butter.

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Cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs, baking powder, almond flour, cheddar, bacon, and ranch.

Can make individual biscuits or one large loaf. · Carrot cake in baked oatmeal form!

A healthy and refined sugar free twist on a breakfast dish!

Our meatless recipes make hearty dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dessert.

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