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Breakfast Bar Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast Bar Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie breakfast bowl is simply a hearty smoothie served in a bowl and topped with granola, nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, fresh fruit — the list of options is endless.

It’s really one of the most versatile breakfast dishes, as each separate ingredient can be tweaked according to taste and.

To make these breakfast bars in one bowl, start by mashing the banana.

Ingredients of Breakfast Bar Smoothie Bowl

  1. It’s 1 of pot blueberry yoghurt (or a thick blueberry smoothie).
  2. You need Half of a banana, sliced.
  3. Prepare 1 of strawberry, sliced.
  4. Prepare Handful of granola.
  5. Prepare of Small handful blueberries.

Breakfast Bar Smoothie Bowl step by step

  1. Spread your smoothie in the base of your bowl..

  2. Place your fruit and granola in lines over the smoothie/yoghurt base..

  3. Drizzle with maple syrup..

Say goodbye to boring breakfast (or snacks!) for good by making smoothie bowls.

What could be better than whipping up your favorite smoothie recipe and topping it with crunchy granola, sliced fruit, chopped nuts, and raw coconut?

Think of smoothie bowls as the perfect personalized way to start.

This smoothie bowl recipe will fuel your body with antioxidants & protein while packing a flavorful punch!

Rainbow Protein Smoothie Bowl – Prepared with a rainbow of colors and an amazing mix of flavors, this protein smoothie bowl is an easy, convenient, and delicious way to get protein and.

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