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Egyptian Breakfast

Egyptian Breakfast

Submitted by shima on Tue This is a European dish that made its way to Egyptian cities.

Romano cheese is very popular in Egypt and.

Egyptian Breakfast projects forward a wall of sound that rips the shoelaces off every horse in the.

Ingredients of Egyptian Breakfast

  1. Prepare of Fava beans.
  2. Prepare of White cheese.
  3. Prepare of Eggs.
  4. It’s of Pickles.

Egyptian Breakfast step by step

  1. Mix fava beans with oil, cumin, salt and squeeze of lemon.

  2. Mix tomato with white cheese and chili pepper.

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Ful medames was a famed Egyptian breakfast recipe as far back as the fourth century where the beans were buried over gentle embers to slow cook – ‘Medames’ means buried in Egyptian.

Fava beans, white cheese, eggs, pickles.

Mix fava beans with oil, cumin, salt and squeeze of lemon.

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