French toast 🍞_5f81aa7e9eec8.jpeg

French toast 🍞

French toast 🍞

French toast will always be a staple for leisurely weekend breakfasts along with my favourite fluffy French toast.

You know when you feel like making something grand-ish for a weekend breakfast and.

Add the sweet flavors of vanilla and cinnamon to your breakfast Vanilla extract and cinnamon bring a richness of flavor when making French toast.

Ingredients of French toast 🍞

  1. You need 1 of egg 🥚.
  2. It’s 1 pinch of salt🧂.
  3. You need 2 pieces of white bread.
  4. It’s 2 of table spoons of cooking oil (at least enough to cover the pan).
  5. You need of What you will need to make it:.
  6. It’s of Bowl🍚.
  7. It’s of Fork🍴.
  8. It’s of Pan🍳.
  9. You need of Plate🍽️.
  10. Prepare of Fork and knife🍴.
  11. It’s of Make sure you have gas or not you won’t have fire🔥⛽.

French toast 🍞 step by step

  1. Get: an egg🥚 and a bowl. Then crack the egg and pour the egg whites and the egg yolk into the bowl..

  2. Get: salt and pour a pinch of it in the egg yolk and egg whites..

  3. Stir well with a fork. 🍴.

  4. Get plain white bread and dip both front and back of the white bread..

  5. Then get a pan and put cooking oil (at least enough to cover the pan) and put the fire at least under the pan..

  6. Then put your dipped toast on the pan.

  7. And cook it well. Make sure you check if it’s golden brown on both sides like shown in the picture.

  8. Then take it and put it on a plate and then Bon appetite!.

French toast is a dish made of sliced bread soaked in eggs and typically milk, then fried.

Alternative names and variants include “eggy bread”, “Bombay toast”, “German toast”, “gypsy toast”, and “poor knights” (of Windsor).

The Best French Toast at Asaya Hotel in Kinugawa Onsen.

Sure enough, the French toast was insanely good!

The crispy buttery edges, creamy custardy inside, and all the delicious topping made.

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