oriental omelet

Learn how to make a French Omelette recipe! I hope you enjoy this easy French-Style Omelet recipe! This type of Thai-style omelet features multiple soft inner layers and crispy edges. Ingredients of oriental omelet Prepare 2 of eggs. You need 2 tbsp of soya sause. oriental omelet step by step crack the eggs open in […]

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Decked-out Strawberry Muffins_5f81ba52a0cd8.jpeg

Decked-out Strawberry Muffins

These delicious and refreshing moist strawberry muffins are naturally sweetened by fresh strawberries. These muffins make a wonderful breakfast treat or snack. They are super moist and flavorful. Ingredients of Decked-out Strawberry Muffins Prepare 150 grams of Pancake mix. You need 1 large of egg. You need 3 tbsp of Condensed milk (sweetened). You need […]

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Amazing Hashbrowns_5f81b9443605d.jpeg

Amazing Hashbrowns

Basically, all you have to These are amazing!! Once your hash brown is golden brown on both sides, you’re ready to eat. Slide it onto a plate, hit it with a pinch of salt, and make sure your ketchup is at arm’s length. Ingredients of Amazing Hashbrowns You need 1 packages of Frozen shredded hashbrowns. […]

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